Science on Tap

Monthly on the last Wednesday of the month.

Come one, come all to the “science café” in Santa Cruz. This event is designed to connect the Santa Cruz community to the latest research happening just up the hill at U.C. Santa Cruz.  It is not an exclusive “club meeting” for scientists and science majors and aims to appeal to all audiences. So come, grab a beer, relax and hear some interesting cutting edge science that’s happening near you! Science on Tap is based on the Nova and Sigma Xi "science café" model and is generally on the last Wednesday of every month.

November Science on Tap: Hunting for New Minor Planets
Nov 17, 7:00 PM
Museum of Art and History - Back Patio

Hunting for new minor planets

Pranvera Hyseni

Graduate Student in the Earth and Planetary Science Department

UC Santa Cruz 

Why study asteroids? The scientific interest in asteroids is due largely to their status as the remnant debris from the inner solar system formation process. The probability of an asteroid striking the Earth and causing serious damage is very remote but the devastating consequences of such an impact suggests we should closely study different types of asteroids to understand their compositions, structures, sizes, and future trajectories. In this talk, I will be presenting various methods how we detect new minor planets in our solar system, and will be focusing on how to get the general public to contribute in making new discoveries using the same techniques and data provided by some of the world’s largest fully robotic telescopes.



Pranvera Hyseni is a graduate student from the Republic of Kosovo, pursuing a Master’s degree in Earth and Planetary Science at UC Santa Cruz. She is the founder of Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo – the largest astronomy outreach program in Eastern Europe. AOK reaches over 25,000 people every year, and thanks to this work Hyseni was chosen as one of the five most influential women in Kosovo.


Who: Everyone! Not just scientists!
When: Last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm 
Where: Behind the Museum of Art and History (MAH), 705 Front Street, Santa Cruz

Science on Tap at the Catalyst

*This event may return in the future.

      Join us at the "science pub" in Santa Cruz. This event is designed to connect the Santa Cruz community to the latest research happening just up the hill at U.C. Santa Cruz. It also provides an opportunity for graduate students to share their research with the community! 

     The event will be followed by "Sci-Fi Movie Night" at The Catalyst where one of your favorite sci-fi movies will be presented at 8 pm(please visit '' for more movie details). Science on Tap with generally start at 6:45 pm and the Sci-Fi movie will be shown at 8 pm. Science on Tap is generally on the second Monday of every month and is a free event! While this community event is designed for everyone, not just scientist is it 21 and over. We look forward to seeing you there! 

If you are interested in presenting at this event please email "" with the subject line "Science on Tap at the Catalyst". Please include your name, academic year, department, research topic, and availablity. Thank you!